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Biography of
Arthur Edward Waite

Older Arthur E. WaiteName:  Arthur Edward Waite
Born:  October 2, 1857
Location:  Brooklyn, NY
Died:  1942
Location:  Bishopsbourne in Kent, England
Nationality:  American/English








  • Father: Charles F. Waite (Captain in Merchant Marine) 
  • Mother: Emma Lovell
  • Brother(s): None 
  • Sister(s): Frederika Waite 


  • Wives: 1st Wife - Ada Lakeman (a.k.a.Lucasta) died; 2nd Wife - Mary Broadbent Schofield (a.k.a. Una Salus) 


  • Son(s):  None 
  • Daughter(s): Sybil Waite (by Ada) 


Principal Activity or Occupation(s):

  • Clerk 
  • Magazine Editor 
  • Author 
  • A Critic and compiler on the history and doctrines of occultism 

Lived In:

  • Brooklyn, NY 
  • London, England 
  • Ramsgate in Kent 


  • Small private school in North London 
  • St. Charles' College (Roman Catholic school in Baywater, England) 

Teachers and Mentors:

  • At twenty-one he began to read regularly in the Library of the British Museum, studying many branches of esotericism. (It was here that he came across the writings and teachings of Eliphas Levi).


  • The death of his sister in 1874 soon attracted him into psychical research. 
  • Waite lost interest in the Roman Catholic Church, but retained a great love for its ritual ceremony, in his later associations with secret Orders; he would utilize various aspects of Roman Catholicism in his own ritual constructions. 
  • Eliphas Lévi 

Key Relationships:

  • Pamela Colman-Smith (Co-creator of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck). 
  • Gerschom Scholem, famous for his critical approach and great knowledge in all matters of kabbala, took a very humilating position against many productions of "Western Kabbala" but respected Waite as well informed on this topic. 
  • S.L. MacGregor Mathers (One of the original founders of the Order of the Golden Dawn). 
  • Arthur Machen (Best known for his influential supernatural, fantasy, and horror fiction). 



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