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Biography of

EtteillaName: Etteilla (a pseudonym for Jean-Baptiste Alliette, Etteilla is the reverse of his surname Alliette).
Born: 1738
Location: Paris, France
Died: 1791
Location: Unknown
Nationality:  French








  • Father:  a restaurateur 
  • Mother:  Unknown 
  • Brother(s)  : None 
  • Sister(s):  None 


  • Wife:  Jeanne Vattier 


  • Son(s): None 
  • Daughter(s):  None 


Principal Activity or Occupation(s):

  • Seed Merchant 
  • Printseller 
  • Consultant 
  • Teacher 
  • Author 
  • Illustrator 
  • Writer 
  • Occultist 

Lived In:

  • Paris, France 


  • Formal education appears limited due to the writing style used in his publications. 

Teachers and Mentors:

  • Unknown 


  • His father's trade was in concocting restoratifs for the chronically ill. He cookd up broths and tonic salads, "heating" and "cooling" ingredients purported to to correct every imbalance of the four humors. This, with an instinctive belief in Astrology and portents of his social class may have laid the foundation for Etteilla's concerns with the occult in later life. 
  • Court de Gébelin 

Key Relationships:

  • Unknown 




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